15 Open World Games of 2020 and Beyond

Even as video games become bigger and more expansive, especially with next-gen consoles on the way, the open-world genre continues to intrigue us. It could be nuanced, never-before-seen mechanics in established franchises, gorgeous aesthetics or just the promise of something great. Whatever the case may be, here are 15 open world games of 2020 and beyond that you should look out for.

Watch Dogs: Legion

watch dogs legion

Not even delays could dull the potential of Watch Dogs: Legion. Slated to arrive later this year, it’s set in the UK as DedSec recruit followers to topple CtOS and the government’s surveillance. The key gameplay mechanic is being able to recruit and play as any NPC, each with their own unique perks, abilities and stories. It’s wildly ambitious, especially in terms of the overall scripting and gameplay variety done. Expected later this year, Watch Dogs: Legion will be coming to current gen platforms along with Xbox Series X and PS5.