15 Video Game Bosses That Were Ahead of Their Time

While some video game bosses throughout history have posed a challenge, others were known for doing things a bit differently. Some blazed a path forward, changing the kinds of boss fights that were possible, while others were simply ahead of the competition at the time. Let’s take a look at 15 of these boss fights and what made them so special.

Mister Freeze – Batman: Arkham City

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Boss fights can leverage a bunch of different strategies. Alternatively, they can also facilitate only one, forcing you to figure out the right way to defeat them. Mister Freeze broke the mold by incorporating both these aspects – there were numerous ways to disable his armor and attack him, whether it was through gadgets, stealth takedowns or more creative means. But a method, once used, was then taken away, forcing players to adapt on the fly, making for one of the best boss fights in gaming.