A fleet of Arwings were just spawned in vanilla Ocarina of Time for the first time ever

In an apparent world first, a speedrunner has managed to spawn a fleet of Arwings in the vanilla version of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time without using a cheat device. 

The iconic spacecraft is usually seen in the Starfox series, but was apparently used by the Ocarina of Time devs to test the flight patterns of Volvagia along with Z-targeting and was subsequently left in the game code.

While some players have used cheats to make the vehicle appear in the past, this is supposedly the first time the fighter has been spawned in the vanilla game through ‘legitimate’ means. 

As detailed on Reddit, the feat was achieved using a method called “arbitrary code execution,” which basically lets speed runners force the title to load and run the save file name as if it’s game code. 

The technique has been used to complete the game in super-quick time by warping to the end credits, but as this Twitch video shows can also be used to call in a fleet of rather combative Arwings. 

“By doing ACE three times with different specific filenames, you can remove the character limit on the file name creation,” explained Twitch streamer Zfg1, who spawned the Arwings. “With no character limit, you can type in any payload you want at any lengthy. With this you can do basically anything, and is known as Total Control.”

It’s pretty neat to see a young Link take on the swarm of miniature Arwings with nothing but a boomerang, so be sure to check out the full clip right here.