A Grounded roadmap is on the way

Grounded is getting its first major update later this month, and we’ve scarcely got a clue what will be in that patch – but developer Obsidian plans to offer up a clearer look at future updates. In a community update, the studio has detailed its plans to bring together a roadmap of future content and an issue tracker so you’ll know which bugs are getting fixed next.

“We are in the works of building a roadmap for you all,” the devs say in the announcement. “We are very excited to share this with you once it is finished, and this road map will allow the Grounded team to share with you all the exciting backyard content they are working on to release into the game.”

The devs are also putting together a Trello board where you’ll be able to see “what issues have been reported, what issues are being worked on, what issues are waiting to be bundled up in an upcoming patch, and what issues are being postponed to come back to later”.

Grounded’s next patch is due to launch on August 27, as the first of the game’s substantial monthly updates. Each update is supposed to have big new content additions, including creatures, biomes, and stuff to craft, though beyond the clear teasers in the current game – hinting at aquatic environments and flying bugs, for example – we don’t know what those updates will look like.

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We should start to see more on that next big update very soon. For now, there are a load of survival games to check out as you await the new content.