Activision subpoenas Reddit in hopes of tracking down Call of Duty leaker

Activision is taking legal aim at the online leakers circulating images and details of a rumored battle royale mode headed to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, going so far as to subpoena Reddit to uncover the identity of one of those leakers.

Activision’s legal action isn’t quite as aggressive as other leak-stopping efforts like Epic Games’ recent lawsuit against a former tester for leaking Fortnite content, but, according to reports picked up by TorrentFreak, Activision has certainly had its hands full containing details about the unreleased mode.

The subpoena directed at Reddit aims to uncover the person that posted an image depicting Call of Duty: Warzone, the rumored new mode, under the now-deleted Reddit account “Assyrian2410”. In that document, Activision counsel says that the posted image infringes on Activision’s rights under copyright law. With the subpoena signed, Reddit has until the end of February to deliver the requested details. 

As TorrentFreak points out, the original poster also claimed the image was passed along to them by an “inside source,” meaning Activision’s action here could be part of a larger effort to track down the image’s origin. Meanwhile, a handful of other people posting images and video of the unannounced mode have seen their content hit with DMCA takedowns.