All Final Boss Battles in Metal Gear Series Ranked

For all of the analysis done on Metal Gear Solid’s narrative and characters, the themes and metaphysical commentary surrounding it, there are some pretty darn good boss fights. Of course, the final bosses always turn out to be the most memorable so we decided to go through and rank all of the the final boss battles in the series. Let’s start with number 10….

Big Boss – Metal Gear

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This was it – the first major betrayal that Metal Gear players would face. Apparently guiding Solid Snake throughout his mission to destroy Metal Gear, Big Boss would be revealed as the leader of Outer Heaven. After starting the self-destruct sequence, Big Boss and Solid Snake fight to the death…which is a nice way of saying that the player pelted him to death with rockets. By today’s standards, it’s kind of an underwhelming fight but its real weight is in the revelation of Big Boss’s betrayal.