AMD X570 chipset fans are user-configurable for all MSI motherboards

MSI has unveiled its lineup of X570 motherboards over at Computex 2019, ready to take on AMD Ryzen 3000 processors once they launch in July. Each one comes equipped with a chipset fan to keep the latest in-house X570 silicon happily chugging along. But MSI informed us at the event that, as well as the 0dB operation brought over from the MSI graphics cards, the chipset fan curve can be adjusted to avoid any unnecessary noise.

It’s up a user’s discretion as to how fast, or slow, this fan will run. We asked MSI whether it could be entirely switched off but did not receive a definitive answer. My guess would be no, you can’t entirely disable the fan. Otherwise it wouldn’t be included on every board.

MSI’s X570 motherboard lineup, particularly the high-end boards, feature chunky heatsinks and cooling solutions, as do many others announced at the show. The MSI MEG X570 Godlike board will sit at the top of the stack yet again, and features a sizeable, high-coverage heatsink design, extended heatpipe from chipset to VRM, and specially designed chipset fan.