Anthem’s Cataclysm Expansion Now Available, See The Full 1.3 Patch Notes

Anthem may have had a rocky launch, but EA and BioWare have remained committed to providing its promised post-launch content, including its first big world event, Cataclysm. The studio hadn’t committed to a time-frame for the world event, but now it has been released alongside a large patch loaded with tweaks and balance changes.

The biggest change is the addition of new story missions in the endgame Cataclysm event. Cataclysm missions are available from the Expedition screen if you’ve completed the Incursion mission in the main story. It introduces modifiers to take on special missions, a new seasonal store with seasonal currency, and leaderboards.

Other significant changes include Inversions, which modify how your Javelin interacts with the environment and enemies, and changes to the Luck and Alliance system, along with loads of weapon balancing, bug fixes, and more. On the whole the changes seem geared at providing more variety and a repeatable loot grind for endgame players. A companion Guild App has also launched on iOS and Google Play.

EA’s CEO Andrew Wilson recently opened up about some of Anthem’s launch struggles, but maintained that the game could grow into something special. Check out the full patch notes below.