Apex Legends Season 6 Trailer Showcases New Battle Pass Cosmetics

New Legendary skins for Pathfinder and Bloodhound revealed along with HoloSprays.

Apex Legends - Boosted

Apex Legends’ newest season starts today with a new Legend, Rampart, joining the mix. A whole host of other content like World’s Edge changes, crafting and the Volt SMG are also being added. But most importantly, there’s also a new Battle Pass. Check out the trailer below to see what it contains.

The Season 6: Boosted Battle Pass contains challenges to unlock Legendary skins for Bloodhound and Pathfinder along with a reactive weapon skin for the G7 Scout. Completing other daily and weekly challenges will grant Apex Packs, XP Boosts, Music Packs, Loading Screens and much more. A new type of item is the HoloSpray, which lets you leave a holographic spray to gloat with.

Season 6: Boosted goes live later today so stay tuned for official patch notes. You can check out many of the new gameplay features, along with a look at Rampart’s abilities, here. Apex Legends is currently available for Xbox One, PS4 and PC but will also be coming to Nintendo Switch and mobiles in the coming days.

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