Battlefield 5’s classic Wake Island map is available now

Battlefield V’s Chapter 5 continues with its focus on the Pacific theatre of World War II, bringing returning at long last to the map that started it all: Wake Island. The medium-sized map is now playable in Battlefield V, which will give long-time Battlefield fans a serious case of nostalgia.

Wake Island first appeared in Battlefield 1943, along with Iwo Jima and Guadalcanal. Here again it’s a roughly horseshoe-shaped island, but scaled up to twice the size as it appeared in the game ten years ago. EA/DICE says the new map caters to air, sea, and land combat, with plenty of options in terms of vehicles, aircraft, or covered routes to take around the map.

The new Wake Island map supports Breakthrough and Conquest modes for differently-paced battles. Six capture points set up for Breakthrough provide rough landmarks as you move clockwise around the island from the northern arm. Point A, Hotel, features a choice of lanes for safe approach, while defenders have two coastal guns and some anti-aircraft artillery to make things interesting for the attackers. Point B is Barracks, which is separated from A by a small bridge and provides more cover for defending forces.