Bethesda Softworks pulls all games but Wolfenstein: Youngblood from GeForce Now

Bethesda Softworks is pulling most of its games from Nvidia’s cloud-based game streaming service GeForce Now, marking the second major publisher to opt out of the service since it launched earlier this month.

Nvidia notes that the removal only affects most Bethesda games, with the exception of Wolfenstein: Youngblood which will remain playable through the service.

GeForce Now aims to let subscribers remotely play games from libraries like Steam and the Epic Games Store using its data centers, but not all publishers have been on board with having their games accessible through the cloud. Activision Blizzard similarly pulled its games from the service due to a “misunderstanding,” but it’s not known if a similar situation is true for Bethesda’s decision.

The news comes only a day after GeForce Now toted 1 million registered users on the platform.