Bigben Interactive is now Nacon as publishing and accessories businesses merge

The Bigben Group is merging two of its dealings, its video game accessory business Nacon and its video game publishing business Bigben Interactive, into a single entity.

The resulting company takes on the Nacon name, and will handle both its namesake’s accessories brand as well as the direct video game dealings of the former Bigben Interactive.

“We have brought together our Games and Accessories activities into one company and under one brand, Nacon; a single company to combine our efforts in the service of a single ambition which is to better understand and satisfy players,” explains a statement from the company.

“We are all different, we love different genres, games, and universes, which are our dreams and our passions. However, we all want the same thing, the best possible gaming experience! In order to improve this experience all of our teams will now work together under the same banner.”