Black Desert Online has amassed almost $2 billion in revenue since 2014

Pearl Abyss’ popular sandbox MMO Black Desert Online has amassed nearly $2 billion in revenue since launching in 2014. 

The studio broke the news in a press release, and explained 40 percent of that revenue came from North America and Europe, with 26 percent heralding from Korea and the remaining 34 percent bring spread across other Asian countries including Japan and Thailand. 

Black Desert is an open world fantasy MMORPG that initially garnered attention thanks to its incredibly rich character creation toolkit. The title passed $1 billion in revenue back in April 2019, and has to date attracted over 40 million players across 150 countries and four platforms including PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Commenting on that success, Pearl Abyss chief exec Robin Jung said the studio’s decision to utilize its own in-house game engine has allowed it to quickly scale titles and deliver new content across multiple platforms.