Bleeding Edge Gets Extensive Beginner’s Guide Breakdown For Gameplay

bleeding edge

While developer Ninja Theory is making a name for themselves in exploring mental illness in video games with dark and sober tales, their next game is going to be something on the opposite side of the road. Bleeding Edge is a multiplayer-focused game with wild designs that look to be a bit of gaming cotton candy. Today we got a breakdown of the basics for the upcoming title.

As uploaded via Arekkz gaming, and sponsored by Ninja Theory, the beginner’s guide video breaks down the various parts of how the gameplay functions. From using stage hazards to various abilities like mind control, freezing opponents and electrifying people with sick guitar’s solo. You’ll get all the basics, as well as some more advanced tips. Check it out below.

Bleeding Edge will release for Xbox One and PC on March 24th, and will come to Game Pass day and date. The game will also apparently release with no microtransactions, at least in the beginning.

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