Bookbound Brigade Launches For PS4, Switch, and PC on January 30

Literary metroidvania is a thing now.

bookbound brigade

Indies have led the charge where the revival of the metroidvania genre is concerned, and given how successfully so many of them have managed to deliver games in the genre, it makes sense that many more of them are coming up with new ideas for it constantly. For instance, there’s Digital Tales’ Bookbound Brigade, which sees players taking control of a growing team of game-versions real literary characters in a metroidvania adventure, including the likes of King Arthur, Robin Hood, Count Dracula, Queen Victoria, Dorothy Gale, Nikola Tesla, and more.

If that sounds like something you’re interesting in giving a go, there’s some good news for you- you won’t have to wait long. Publishers Intragames have announced that Bookboud Brigade will be out for the PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC (via Steam) on January 30. There’s no word on an Xbox One launch just yet, but success for the game might change the publisher’s mind. A story overview trailer has also been released- take a look below.

If you want more info on Bookbound Brigade and what it’s all about, make sure to check out our interview with the developers from a few months ago through here.

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