Controller leak all but confirms ‘Xbox Series S’

New images of a revamped Xbox-style controller point to a heavily rumored, more affordable Xbox Series S next-gen console.

While it may seem that we’ve known of the “Series S” for months now, it’s the first time “Xbox Series S” (reportedly codenamed “Lockhart”) has been seen on official Microsoft Xbox product packaging out in the wild.

Tech site The Verge has images of the new cross-gen compatible white controller, which is smaller than Xbox One controllers, sports a share button, and an updated d-pad. Like current-gen Xbox controllers, the leaked controller requires two AA batteries.

Twitter user Zakk S, who was able to actually purchase the controller, posted up-close images of the device. Microsoft declined to elaborate further on the leak.

The shape of Microsoft’s hardware strategy is becoming more concrete as days go on. With the current-gen Xbox One X now out of production, it seems that the Xbox One would serve as the entry-level Xbox, with the Xbox Series X serving as the next-gen, lower-powered but more affordable version, and the Xbox Series X, due out this holiday season, topping out the lineup.