Dead Or Alive 6 Wraps Up DLC Support As Developers Thank Fans

After a very long road of DLC, indeed.

Dead or Alive 6

While the name Team Ninja conjures up images of mythical and historical Japan jammed together of the now popular Nioh series, long before any of that they had Dead or Alive. The fighter series has continued on at a steady pace with the sixth mainline installment coming out last year. It now seems like it’s time for them to wrap things up, with a nice thank you.

As announced via their official Twitter account, the final update (1.22) is available now. They also offered a thank you to the fans who supported the game as well as the (vast amount of) DLC that it received. No word on where the series goes from here or what degree of success DOA6 had, though it’s mentioned that it received 3 million downloads. For reference, the fifth game lasted almost 5 years to 6 only being active a little over a year.

Dead or Alive 6 is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC with the last update live on all platforms. A free to play version called Core Fighters is also on all platforms as servers do remain open.