Destiny 2 – New Light Improvements Coming in Fall, Faction Rallies Not Returning

Bright Engrams will also be removed in Season of the Worthy.

Destiny 2 Faction Rally

Bungie’s Destiny 2 has undergone numerous changes since the developer split from Activision, whether it’s a new approach to seasons or Armor 2.0. Even more changes are en route, especially with director Luke Smith proclaiming in a new blog post that Legendary Weapons would have a limit to infusion. One thing is for sure though: Faction Rallies are not coming back.

Smith stated there are currently “no plans” to bring back Faction Rallies. “The reward gear hasn’t been used that much, our character cast is growing too large, and crucially, they didn’t drive a bunch of engagement with the game.” Despite the reward gear not seeing much use though, Smith said the armor and some weapons would be moved to the Legendary Engram loot pools in Season 10.

Season 10 aka Season of the Worthy will also see Bright Engrams removed from purchase. “We want players to know what something costs before they buy it. Bright Engrams don’t live up to that principle so we will no longer be selling them on the Eververse Store, though they will still appear on the Free Track of the Season Pass.”

Finally, those who have been confused upon joining via free-to-play entry Destiny 2: New Light will see some improvements. Unfortunately, said improvements won’t arrive till Fall. “Our goals for New Light last year were about bringing new players into the universe and getting them to the core activities as quickly as we could. We dramatically underestimated how many new Guardians would wake up on the Cosmodrome. We’re going to improve the New Light entry this fall and flesh the starting experience in Destiny out.”

From the outset, Destiny 2 players will have Trials of Osiris to experience on March 13th. Season of the Worthy launches on the same date so stay tuned for more details on Season Pass content.