Destiny 2 will open up cross-platform play in 2021

Bungie’s online space shooter Destiny 2 has, so far in its lifetime, corralled its community by platform and not allowed players on one system to team up (or play against) those on others.

That looks to be changing next year. Bungie announced that it plans to launch crossplay for Destiny 2 in 2021, though exact details on what that’ll look like are light.

This all comes after Bungie rolled out a cross-save system last year that allowed players jump between multiple platforms and use the same characters and inventory across each. Prior to that, progression was locked on a platform-by-platform basis.

However there’s no word as to when in 2021 crossplay will launch, nor is there any mention of how it’ll work for players set up in their isolated worlds on PC, Stadia, and PlayStation/Xbox consoles.

It’ll be a welcome change as cross-platform play has become more of the norm over the last several years, but, as other online games can attest, merging player pools in competitive games can present a delicate balancing problem for devs.