Destiny Hotfix Releasing in Mid-February, Brings Weapon Balance Changes

Bungie is doing its usual song-and-dance routine of saying much without saying anything for Destiny but it has something planned for the future. In the latest weekly update, the developer announced that hotfix would be coming in “Mid-February” and would finally bring some long-awaited weapon balance changes for the purpose of PvP.

Some of the goals of the hotfix include “promoting alternatives and counters to Shotguns”, increasing the potency of primary weapons, sorting out issues with the classes, fixing problems with a few Exotics and “supporting adjustments to Special Ammunition”. Honestly, the last point just sounds like another nerf to Special Ammo because why not?

A live-stream will be held in the future to discuss and showcases these changes so expect more information soon. What are your thoughts on the hotfix and how badly will they nerf fusion rifles? Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned for more information.

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