Disruptor Beam lays off devs as it transitions to a game tech provider

Boston-based Disruptor Beam laid off a number of staff today, less than a week after it sold off its Star Trek Timelines free-to-play game to Tilting Point and stated plans to refocus on its Disruptor Engine game platform.

A source familiar with today’s situation reports Disruptor Beam cut an estimated ten jobs spanning an entire product team, from QA to art. Those involved were informed last Friday.

This comes after 18 Disruptor Beam staff members reportedly departed with Timelines to work on the game at Boston neighbor Wicked Realm Games, and it further clarifies Disruptor Beam’s transition from game studio to game tech company. 

“As our company moves in a new direction to focus on technology, we are excited about Tilting Point taking on Star Trek Timelines,” Disruptor Beam chief Jon Radoff stated last week. “We are also excited that Tilting Point will be one of our first live customers for our live-ops technology and that we will be continuing our working relationship.”