DOOM Eternal Goes Behind-the-Scenes With Its Demonic Metal Soundtrack In New Video

Heavy metal riffs and guttural chants- classic DOOM.

doom eternal

Are you still feeling miffed by that god-awful DOOM Eternal TV spot that had no gore, violence, and a disturbing lack of sick metal tunes composed by Mick Gordon? Well, maybe this will wash some of that bad taste from your mouth. In a new video uploaded by Bethesda that takes us behind-the-scenes with its soundtrack, we see the musical genius of Mick Gordon in action.

The video focuses on one track in particular that is characterized by heavy, guttural chanting while angry, demonic metal riffs blare on in the background. It’s DOOM through and through, and watching Mick Gordon and the many talented musicians involved work is an absolute pleasure (especially because of the excellent mood-setting being done with a bunch of candles). Take a look below.

DOOM Eternal is out for the PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Stadia on March 20. Though the Switch version doesn’t currently have a release date, it is apparently coming along rather well. Meanwhile, you can also check out a fight with the terrifying new Doom Hunter and some Battlemode gameplay video through the links.

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