Double Fine winding down Presents publishing label following Microsoft purchase

Double Fine looks to be winding down its Double Fine Presents publishing label following its acquisition by Microsoft last year. 

The company broke the news on the Double Fine Presents website, explaining that after becoming a part of Microsoft Game Studios family it “will no longer be publishing games.”

“Since 2014, Double Fine Productions has published independently developed games under the label Double Fine Presents,” reads a small update.

“In 2019 we became part of Microsoft Game Studios, and as a result we will no longer be publishing games. We hope to continue celebrating independent games however we can, through initiatives such as our annual festival Day of the Devs.”

The news was corroborated by Gang Beasts developer Boneloaf, which yesterday announced it will now be self-publishing the title because Double Fine Presents is “winding down.”

The fate of the publishing arm had been up in the air until now, with some studios cutting ties with Presents last year to self-publish, while others like Knights and Bikes developer Foam Sword proceeded to launch their game with the label’s backing.