Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Guide – How To Level Up Fast, Earn XP Quickly And Max Out Soul Emblems

Become the strongest and conquer all challengers with these leveling tips.

dragon ball z kakarot

So you’ve ventured into the world of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot and, like any fighter on the show, wonder how to get stronger. Though you’ll only have to level up to a certain point to beat the game, there are several post-game activities to complete to go even further beyond.

Before hitting the post-game, you can take on various side quests and complete them to grind out XP. They’re not necessary for the story battles but every little bit helps.

After finishing the story, new high-level Villainous enemies will appear. Defeating them is part of the post-game quest and will confer quite a bit of XP. Best of all, continually defeating Villainous enemies will make tougher versions appear so you can keep farming them to receive a steady supply of XP.

Other ways to earn XP include upgrading the Training Community Board. This can be done by gifting everyone in the group as much as possible, integrating specific Soul Emblems and raising Friendship levels. When the board is fully maxed, you’ll receive double the amount of XP from battles.

What are some good gifts for raising Friendship and boosting Soul Emblem stats? You’ll want to seek out Awakened Water. They’re divided into five tiers with Divine Awakened Water and Ultimate Awakened Water being the best. The former will raise all stats by +4 and Friendship by +20 while the latter raises all stats by +8 and Friendship by +40.

Awakened Water can be earned by going through Phantom Airways. For Divine Awakened Water, head to center-most region after the whole Namek business has been wrapped up. For Ultimate Awakened Water, check to the east of Ginger Town. There should be a new region (once again after the Namek saga) that has a Phantom Airway. It’s to the north and will provide Ultimate Awakened Water.

Another method is to simply gather the Dragon Balls and summon Shenron to wish for Rare Items. This method is probably the best since you’ll receive five Awakened Waters for each tier. The only issue is that the Dragon Balls spawn in random locations and take 20 minutes to respawn each time. Use that time to visit Phantom Airways, complete quests and whatnot. With enough Awakened Water, the Training Community Board should be maxed in no time.

Finally, make sure to eat the Super Deluxe Meat Course meal for a short-term XP boost. For best results, eat this before taking on any high-level activity or facing Villainous enemies. For more information on Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, check out our review.