Dying Light: Hellraid DLC Delayed to August

Following a recent beta, Techland is “hell-bent” on implementing players’ suggestions.

dying light hellraid

Tis the season (or year) for delays and Techland is no stranger to them. After delaying Dying Light 2 to an unspecified point, the developer has recently announced that Hellraid, its upcoming paid DLC for the original Dying Light, has also been delayed. It will now release on August 13th for PC and August 14th for Xbox One and PS4.

In a statement on Twitter, Techland revealed that it had received “tons of great feedback” during the DLC’s beta. Since it’s “hell-bent” on applying players’ suggestions, it has delayed the mode to by a few weeks. Hellraid was originally slated to release on July 23rd so the new release date is technically not that far off.

If the name sounds familiar, it’s because Hellraid was the name of a first person hack and slash dungeon crawler. It had solo and co-op modes with the latter having one player as a Game Master that could create various obstacles and enemy placements against a team of other players. Due to its failure to meet expectations, Hellraid’s development was halted back in 2015 but it’s now back as a spin-off mode for Dying Light.

For more details on Dying Light: Hellraid, check out our interview with the development team at Techland for more details.