E3 2021 Announced For June 15th-17th Of Next Year

Apparently, it’s going to be a “reimagined” event.


Usually this time of year, we’re pretty overwhelmed with news of video games. It’s a time when multiple conferences hit back to back accumulating in E3. This year, like many industries, the coronavirus has put a stop to that, and E3 2020 was eventually canceled. It seems the ESA isn’t giving up, though, as they just announced that E3 2021 is happening.

In a release to their partners, the governing body of E3 confirmed they will go ahead with plans to hold the event as usual at around the same time next year. Hopefully, for everyone’s sake, COVID-19 will be well behind us by that point.

The state of E3 in general is, of course, up in the air as more and more major companies and figures have abandoned the event even before this year’s conference was put on ice. E3 2020 was said to be taking E3 in a very different direction as years before, and apparently this release said the 2021 edition would be “reimagined,” though it’s not clear what that is referring to. We probably won’t get any real details until sometime next year. While there is no E3 this year, IGN is hosting a digital event in a similar vein, which you can read more about through here.