Final Fantasy 7 Remake Uses Unreal Engine to “Create Amazing Atmospheric Lighting” For Midgar

Square wants to “make the city of Midgar feel as real as possible.”

final fantasy 7 remake

The prospect of Final Fantasy 7 Remake is an extremely exciting one, not just because it’s going to expand and change the story and the gameplay in significant ways, but also because it’s taking one of the most vivid and engaging settings in the history of the series and rendering it in beautiful visuals backed up by current-day technology.

Everything that we’ve seen of the game so far in all the footage and the recent demo has hinted at some truly impressive visuals (even though the demo’s tech analysis wasn’t supremely impressive). And recently, speaking to the official PlayStation blog, co-director Naoki Hamaguchi talked about one very specific part of the visuals- lighting. According to Hamaguchi, using the Unreal Engine 4, the game is going to employ lighting that will truly bring Midgar to life.

“We’ve used new tech to enhance the game’s lighting, to make the city of Midgar feel as real as possible,” said Hamaguchi. “A network of over 100 synced PCs do copious physics simulations, calculations to work out the exact realistic reflection and how the lighting beams will bounce off any object in the game. Through doing that we managed to create amazing atmospheric lighting for the city.”

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is out exclusively for the PS4 in just over a month from now, on April 10. The game recently officially wrapped up development, so you don’t have to worry about ay further delays to the game. You can check out a bunch of new gameplay footage through here.