Final Fantasy XIV and all its expansions are half-off in the Square Enix Black Friday sale

Like every other retailer on the internet, Square Enix are holding a Black Friday sale for the weekend. There’s a decent selection of discounts available, but the big one that caught our eye is Final Fantasy XIV Complete Edition sitting at 50% off.

Featuring the base game and all three major expansions to date, the Final Fantasy XIV Complete Edition offers a lot of content for anyone looking to sink their teeth into a new MMO. That said, typically the package retails at $40, which is a bit of a down payment when you add on the monthly subscription fee of $13/€13/£9. For half price, however, at $20, with free shipping if you want it physical, the offer is very appealing for anyone curious.

In addition to A Realm Reborn, the rebooted storyline director Naoki Yoshida started in 2013, the boxset comes with Heavensward, Stormblood, and Shadowbringers, the central expansions thus far. The 5.1 patch for Shadowbringers, the latest chapter, includes a crossover with PlatinumGames’ post-apocalyptic RPG Nier: Automata amid all the typical additions of new dungeons, races, and abilities.