Following E3’s Cancellation, Microsoft Will Hold An Xbox Digital Event To “Celebrate Next-Gen”

Xbox boss Phil Spencer confirms that Microsoft’s next-gen reveal will now be done through a dedicated digital event.

xbox series x

It’s official now- E3 2020 is cancelled. With next-gen console launches planned for later this year, the show was going to be an especially important one for Microsoft, who were planning on revealing more about the Xbox Series X and its games at their conference. However, in spite of its cancellation, they’re going to go ahead with their plans, albeit in a different form.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer recently took to Twitter to confirm that Microsoft will be holding a digital event where they will “celebrate the next generation of gaming,” so we can still expect to hear news about the new console in the coming months. Aaron Greenberg, GM of Xbox Games Marketing also posted an update on Twitter, saying that Microsoft has “an incredible amount of exciting things in the works” that will be shared “in a digital format.”

There’s no word yet on what form this event will take, or when it will take place, but Spencer says more details will be shared “in the coming weeks.”

In related news, it has emerged that WB Games also had big plans for E3 2020, and were planning on announcing the next Batman game, Rocksteady’s next title, and the leaked Harry Potter RPG. Read more on that through here.