Free Steam keys and more – Conqueror’s Blade, Neverwinter Avernus, and Eternal Magic!

Everybody loves getting things for free, and we at PCGamesN are the last people to fly in the face of that tradition. Which is why we regularly give away free Steam keys, Epic Games Store keys, codes for all manner of other storefronts and launchers, and in-game goodies, as well as gadgets, hardware, swag, and a whole host of assorted stuff.

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If you’re gaming on a budget then you might also want to have a look at our list of the best free PC games, and possibly the best free Steam games, too, if you just can’t tear yourself away from Valve’s fair platform.

Any currently active giveaways will be listed below. We update this page each day with a new one, so keep checking back. Best of luck with your entries!

Oh, and while you’re here, you might like to know that Kasedo is running a Warhammer 40k Mechanicus colouring competition. Yep, you read that right! Up for grabs is console of your choice, a selection of unpainted Adeptus Mechanicus models, 13 Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus keys for the console of your choosing, and three physical ‘Mechanicum’ books by Black Library author Graham McNeill. Quite a prize pool, there.

To enter, download this image of a Mechanicus unit, paint it like one of your french miniatures (has this profoundly tenuous Titanic reference worked? We’re not sure…), and then upload it to Reddit with [mechanicus40k] in the post, or Facebook/Twitter using the hashtag #mechanicus40k. More information, along with terms and conditions, can be found here.

Free Steam keys

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Conqueror’s Blade giveaway

We’ve partnered with MY.GAMES to giveaway 600 battle pack codes for Conqueror’s Blade (which has recently celebrated its first anniversary). In each pack you’ll find the Solar Order Skin for heroes, Mercenaries of the Golden Star Skin for units, and a banner of the Radiant Sun. For more information, and to play for free, visit the game’s page here.

Conqueror’s Blade battle pack giveaway

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Neverwinter Avernus giveaway

To celebrate the launch of Neverwinter: Avernus, we’re giving away a number of Gift of the Twisted Noble bundles. For more information, and to get the base game for free, visit Neverwinter’s homepage here.

Neverwinter: Avernus – Gift of the Twisted Noble giveaway

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Eternal Magic novice pack giveaway

Get off to a great start in Eternal Magic with this item-stuffed novice pack. For more information on the game, visit the Steam Page here.

Eternal Magic novice pack giveaway