Gears 5 Operation 4: Brothers In Arms Live Now; Adds New Characters, Maps, And Overhauled Systems

A lot of new things come come with the latest Operation.

gears 5

A lot of things come and go, and a lot of things go through big changes. But it’s nice to have your comfort food, and one of most comfortable game series is Gears of War. The latest entry, Gears 5, is no different in that regard, and now it’s latest update is ready to go in Operation 4: Brothers in Arms.

The newest Operation adds quite a lot of stuff this go around. First and foremost, there are five new characters to chose from, including one of the original Gears, Dominic Santiago, who was teased earlier. There is also three new maps with Blood Drive from Gears of War 2, Checkout from Gears of War 3, and a brand new one in Reactor.

There’s also big changes to some of the systems in the online, such as the in-game currency getting reworked. There’s no longer the scrap system and instead it was replaced with Gears Coins that you get through playing the Tour of Duty checklists, which will be used to buy cosmetics and upgrades. The Ranked system also gets an overhaul. You will earn Gears Points for winning in Ranked, offering six different level ranging from Bronze to Master, with more points required to enter each tier.

Gears 5 is available now for Xbox One and PC, with a Xbox Series X version confirmed to be coming. Operation 4 is now live across all versions, and you can read the full details through here.