Ghost Of Tsushima Breaks Down Stances, Attack Speed, Parrying, And More Combat Details

Chris Zimmerson goes into detail on how your samurai deals with foes.

Ghost of Tsushima_05

Ghost of Tsushima is less than a month away, and the game promises to transport us to feudal Japan with a huge open world, hidden secrets and…butts, I guess? But as you’d expect from any samurai game, there’s also going to be lots of swordplay and bloody vengeance dealt out, and we got a nice breakdown of some of that today.

Taking to the official PlayStation blog, Sucker Punch Co-founder Chris Zimmerman talked in length about the game’s combat, specifically the swordplay involved. The biggest highlight was that he says they struggled with getting the speed right, with some early builds seeing things be too easy for Jin as he easily cut threw enemies. The team watched real life sword fights, as opposed to just films, to get an idea of what the flow of a real sword battle would look like. Doing that, they got the speed and intensity they wanted just right.

Zimmerman also touches on how you use the various Stances in the game to use against the right enemies (you can see that detailed more through here), and how you can also use that when fighting multiple enemies into dodges and parries, since Jin can’t react quickly enough to a multiple enemy fight. Oddly, despite being all about combat, there is only two very brief clips that were offered up, one of which showed off the speed of combat, with the other focusing on fighting multiple enemies and using your Stances, which you can see below. You can read the full breakdown and details through here.

Ghost of Tsushima will release on July 17th for PlayStation 4. The game will reportedly also have a 7.7 GB day one patch.

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