Ghost of Tsushima Drops New Character-Specific Story Details

Meet two new characters- the lord of Tsushima, and the leader of the Mongol army.

ghost of tsushima

Sony recently dropped an excellent new trailer for the upcoming Sucker-Punch developed PS4 exclusive Ghost of Tsushima. Not only did the trailer reveal the game’s release date (it’s out this June), it also did a fantastic job of setting the scene for the game’s story. In doing so, it also introduced a couple of new characters, and in an update on the PlayStation blog, those characters have been given a few more details.

The first of these is Shimura, who is the lord of the island of Tsushima. He is also the uncle of protagonist Jin, and having trained him in the ways of the samurai since he was young, has been a father figure to him for much of his life. When Jin starts losing his way and start going against the samurai code in his fight against the invading Mongol army, Shimura grows increasingly concerned (we see hints of this in the trailer).

The second character to get detailed is the primary antagonist- Khotun Khan, the leader of the invading Mongol army, who is described as “a ruthless, cunning enemy who uses everything he knows about the samurai to try to destroy them.” He’s “a brutal, unrelenting adversary that Jin will quickly learn not to underestimate.”

Ghost of Tsushima is out exclusively for the PS4 on June 26. You can get details on its Special and Collector’s Editions through here.