Grounded Gets Over 44 Minutes Of Single Player Footage

Get a lengthy look at the single player portion of the upcoming game.


Obsidian’s next game, Grounded, is taking you outdoors. Not literally or anything like that, so no worries about all that (though nothing wrong with going outside every once and awhile and all). It will take you through an adventure as a shrunken kid who must survive against insects and other dangers. The game has mostly focused on the co-op aspect, but there is a single player and today we got a big look at it.

Via IGN, we got just over 44 minutes of the game’s single player (it even has a bit of story, which you can read more about through here). The game looks pretty good, and you get a solid look at the base gameplay loop and the various weapons you’ll get to use. There is some commentary from the IGN crew, but you can mute them if you just want to see the footage. Check it out below.

Grounded is set to launch for Xbox One and PC sometime in 2021. The game will go into Early Access on both platforms July 28th.

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