Grounded To Get First Update August 27

It will be the first one many monthly updates.


The end of last month saw the early access release of Obsidian Entertainment’s smallest game (in the most literal sense), Grounded. Despite its small stature as both a project and subject matter, it seemingly hit a chord as the game surpassed 1 million players in just 2 days. And it’s first update isn’t too far off.

On the game’s official Twitter, Director Adam Brennecke announced that the game is planned to have monthly updates until it’s full release. The first update is scheduled to come near the end of this month, though unfortunately he didn’t go into details about what that would be.

Grounded launched in early access status for both Xbox One and PC, with the game’s full launch not planned until sometime in 2021, so mostly likely we’ll get quite a few updates between now and that inevitable 1.0 launch. The first of those updates will come August 27th, and we’ll keep you updated for when more details and a roadmap are available.