GTA and Red Dead Parent Company Insists It Will Support Nintendo Switch Over The Long Term

Take Two interactive, the folks who own 2K Games and Rockstar, have previously asserted their intent to support Nintendo with the upcoming Nintendo Switch. And now, in their latest quarterly financial earnings report, Take Two CEO Strauss Zelnick reasserted the company’s intent to support the Switch in the long run, but noting that right now, he was not in a position to make any further, specific announcements.

“We’re excited about Switch we’re supporting Switch with NBA 2K18, we’ve said we’re supporting it long form,” he said. “We’ve said over and over again that when Nintendo comes to market you never want to count them out. So we’re excited about it, but the only thing we can announce is the basketball title.”

It’s entirely possible that he can’t get any more specific because the games Take 2 further has for development for Switch aren’t ready to be announced yet- such as that rumored L.A. Noire remaster. That said, given the history of third party support on Nintendo hardware, it’s not hard to understand why many may jump straight to the worst conclusion.

[via Nintendo Everything]

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