Halo Infinite Will Have Player Customization At The Level Of Reach

Get ready to dress up your Spartan.

halo infinite

Microsoft is hoping that Halo Infinite will do for the Xbox Series X what Halo: Combat Evolved did for the original Xbox (and, to an extent, what it did for the franchise in general). The next game in the series is coming with a new engine and a promise of bigger and better worlds to explore. And now it’s promising something that many fans of the multiplayer will undoubtedly enjoy: customization.

In a lengthy Halo Waypoint post to recap where 343 is with the game’s development, they went over a lot of things about Infinite. One was mentioning player customization saying that fans of Halo Reach would “be pleased.” Reach was noted for having a great amount of customization for its multiplayer, and that game is now available to check out on PC as well.

Halo Infinite will release at launch for the Xbox Series X next Holiday season. It will also release for both the Xbox One and PC, presumably day and date with the Series X version.