Here’s the Phoenix Point launch trailer

Phoenix Point comes out Tuesday, December 3, and that means we’ve got a launch trailer to help build some alien-blasting tactical hype. Designed by the creator of the original X-Com Julian Gollop, Phoenix Point looks like it’s offering a spookier, gorier version of humanity’s last stand than we’ve seen from his previous series.

As the trailer opens, a news anchor is announcing that scientists have discovered “radical changes” to the antarctic permafrost, and that leads to the formation of some kind of mysterious mist that forms over Earth’s oceans. There’s an organic compound in the mist called the Pandora Virus, which causes “horrific mutations” in any organic life it comes across.

That’s bad news, obviously. Another voice instructs people to join a haven, and “Do not attempt to survive on your own.” This is played over what looks like in-game footage of soldiers arriving in a drop ship, with military vehicles moving out. We get a few shots of the stygian horrors we’ll be fighting interspersed with closeups of the kind of military hardware that will be available in the last-ditch fight against the force that’s working to wipe out humanity.