Here’s when to expect our Doom Eternal review

Doom Eternal is coming, and the early videos and impressions are extremely positive – but you, the pragmatically cautious gamer that you are, want to wait for reviews before making your final decision. Worry not! Our Doom Eternal review is on the way, and the embargo will lift well before the Doom Eternal release date on March 20.

You can expect Doom Eternal reviews – including ours – to go live on March 17 at 7:00 PDT / 10:00 EDT / 14:00 GMT. Reviewers have had code in hand for a few days, but now we’re actually allowed to tell you that we have it. (Yes, there was an embargo over talking about the embargo. Videogames are weird.)

Our resident FPS fanatic and metal enthusiast, Rich, is appropriately on the review, but is currently gagged from speaking in detail on any of the things he’s seen so far. If you want a hint on what to expect, check out Rich’s hands-on, weapons-focused Doom Eternal preview – in short, it’s all the cool bits of Doom 2016 but at a bigger scale, with a faster pace and more toys to play with.

Count me in for that.

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Check out the Doom Eternal system requirements if you’re looking to make sure your machine is ready on March 20.