Little Town Hero Releases on June 2nd for PS4

Big Idea Edition with physical art book and official soundtrack also confirmed.

little town hero

After launching on the Nintendo Switch to middling reviews, Game Freak’s Little Town Hero is coming to PS4. Though only a Japanese release date was announced last month, a new PlayStation Blog post has revealed that the RPG will launch on June 2nd in North America. It will also receive a physical release with the Big Idea Edition.

The Big Idea Edition contains your usual physical goodies – a PS4 copy of the game, an art book, the official soundtrack on CD, a poster and lapel pin set. Game Freak also announced an Easy Mode for the game that will reduce attack and defense on enemy Dazzits. You can also expect less Special Effects from foes to manifest.

For more information on Little Town Hero, you can check out a 20 minute long gameplay preview here. It should be interesting to see how the PS4 version improves upon the base game’s visuals and whether Easy Mode translates to a more fun experience. Stay tuned for more details en route to its release in June.