Looks like Steam’s autumn sale starts this week

It appears the next big Steam sale kicks off this week. Steam Database, a fan site that tracks “all things Valve and Steam” – for example, the platform’s most-played titles, player counts, and top sellers – has reported the Steam autumn sale goes live on Wednesday, November 25.

SteamDB has posted the news on Twitter alongside a link to the site’s Steam sale tracker, which counts down to the platform’s next upcoming sale. However, as that page reflects, it’s worth noting the autumn sale start date isn’t actually confirmed as yet. There’s been no word from Valve on the kick-off date to this year’s raft of seasonal discounts, but given the last two years’ fall sales fell mid-week on November 26 and November 21, respectively, it’s a pretty safe bet that could be the day.

Alongside this, the site reports that on that date the Steam Awards nominations will also arrive, which will reportedly feature two new categories for this year: “Best Soundtrack” and “Sit Back and Relax”.

Given the Steam autumn sale date hasn’t yet been confirmed, there’s no word on what kind of goodies will be featured in the range of discounts just yet, but like the platform’s other seasonal sales, we can expect there to be a hearty serving of the best PC games, RPG games, action-adventure games, and more from this year’s event.

Keep a weather eye out for that sale to drop, and soon, and in the meantime be sure to take a peep at our lists of the best new PC games and upcoming PC games at those links.