Marvel’s Avengers Beta Had Over Six Million Players

Over 27 million hours were recorded with more than 300 million foes defeated.

marvel's avengers

Along with outlining some of the fixes in the day one update for Marvel’s Avengers, Crystal Dynamics revealed some interesting figures about the beta. It turns out that more than six million players took part, racking up over 27 million hours in the process. Other noteworthy figures include more than 300 million enemies defeated and 175 thousand Legendary Gear pieces found (which seems to include outfits).

The beta took place over three weekends in August, starting with PS4 pre-orders and slowly rolling out to Xbox One and PC pre-orders before finally being open to everyone. It contained an extensive amount of content from story missions to HARM Challenge Rooms and War Zones. A number of issues like camera shake also arose but Crystal Dynamics took to addressing those.

Time will tell how the full game will fare. It releases on September 4th for Xbox One, PS4, PC and Google Stadia but servers will go live tomorrow for early access players. A new War Table stream is also coming tomorrow which will unveil the next post-launch hero that fans can expect. Stay tuned for more details as usual.