Marvel’s Avengers Beta Updates Improve Matchmaking, Add Camera Shake Sensitivity Option

Various issues with crashes, matchmaking and more have also been addressed.

marvel's avengers image

The latest beta weekend is live for Marvel’s Avengers and this time, it’s open for players on PS4, Xbox One and PC, regardless of pre-order status. Given that the game is only two weeks away from release, this is the time to make a positive impression. Fortunately, Crystal Dynamics has released two beta updates for Xbox One and PS4 that should fix some glaring issues.

These include a setting for adjusting camera shake sensitivity and decreasing the motion blur amount when sprinting or flying. Loot drop delays, crashes and the issue that saw multiple super heroes popping up have also been fixed. You even have the options for setting the combat camera distance, targeting assistance and disabling matchmaking altogether.

For more update notes, check below. Marvel’s Avengers is out on September 4th for Xbox One, PS4, PC and Google Stadia. However, those who purchase the Deluxe Edition can play the game 72 hours earlier aka September 1st. It’s also coming to Xbox Series X and PS5 later this year.

Beta Update 1.4.0 – PS4 and Xbox One

  • Added an option in Settings to adjust Camera Shake Sensitivity
  • Decreased amount of motion blur during sprint and flight
  • Multiple improvements and optimizations made to matchmaking
  • Changed default settings to wide combat camera distance, heavy targeting assistance and matchmaking disabled
  • Improvement to vaulting
  • Fixed several reported crashes
  • Fixed issue with multiple Super Heroes spawning
  • Decreased delay of loot drops
  • Save game optimizations

Beta Update 1.5.0 – PS4 and Xbox One

  • Fixed rare issue of players losing certain gear
  • Additional matchmaking improvements
  • Rare crashes fixes
  • Moved Enable Matchmaking prompt to occur after the War Table is unlocked
  • Added a link to 1st Party store to main menu