Marvel’s Avengers Guide – How to Farm Vault Coordinates and Hit Max Power Level

Here’s how to continually raid Vaults and hit 150 Power level efficiently.


Throughout different missions in Marvel’s Avengers, you’ll stumble upon Vault Coordinates. These will then open up new missions where players raid a Vault for some sweet loot. Vaults can be pretty rewarding since they contain high Power gear and also contribute to challenge completion on Hero Cards. Where can you find Vault Coordinates though?

Despite being dispersed randomly, there are a few guaranteed locations to get them. Head to missions like Stark Realities, Day of the Remains and Our Town to find them. You’ll need to locate a hidden SHIELD base in these locations. When your radar pings, follow it to the base in question for the coordinates.

In Stark Realities, go left from the beginning of the mission until the radar pings. In Day of the Remains, once again, go left. For Our Town, go to the back left – look for a cave beyond some police cars. Upon exiting the cave, the radar should ping indicating the base’s location. Once the Vault Coordinates have been obtained, a new mission “Desert Vault” or “Forest Vault” should open up.

How to Hit Max Power Level

The max Power level cap is 150 but the soft cap is 130. This means that gear dropping from enemies will be capped at 130. It then needs to be “boosted” using resources to hit 140 Power level. So how do you hit the max Power cap?

There are two ways to go about this and they both involve farming missions. The first is to go through War Zone, Drop Zone and Threat Sector missions with “Performance Reward” as gear drops. As you complete them, you’ll receive gear that’s scaled to your level. Keep equipping higher Power gear as it drops until you eventually hit the soft cap and then prioritize any items that you may like.

The reason for this is to save on resources. Instead of boosting each gear piece obtained, you simply equip the highest Power item. Once you’ve settled on a build of sorts, then you can start boosting them. Of course, the other method is to just boost any items possible – you’ll receive loot scaled to that level, which means having to run the same mission less times.

Just keep in mind that Legendary and Exotic pieces, the de facto end-game loot, can only be boosted 10 times. So if you have a 120 Legendary piece, it can only be boosted to 130. This becomes a problem when a 130 Power item drops – that’s what you’re looking to boost to 140 after all. The resources invested in the earlier piece are thus lost.

Hitting the 150 Power cap means having four pieces, two minor Artifacts and your major Artifact at 130 Power, then boosting them up to 140 Power using various resources. Cumulatively, this will give you a 150 Power level.

Regardless of which approach you go with, do not complete the Iconic Missions first. Yes, they give Legendary loot but this will scale with your current Power level. You’re effectively losing out on the chance for high-Power gear. Make sure you’re as close to the 130 soft cap as possible before attempting these.

Keep checking back with vendors as well. They may sell specific items and minor Artifacts at 130 Power which can help if an item in a certain slot isn’t dropping. Use this as a last resort though.

If you’re looking for missions to play at high Power level, look to Villain Sectors (especially since they have high Power rewards). More end-game content will be added in the form of Mega Hives and AIM’s Secret Lab so stay tuned for more details on the same.