Marvel’s Avengers – There Will be a Separate $10 Battle Pass for Each Post-Launch Hero

Called Hero Challenge Cards, they will be made freely available for all six characters available in the game at launch.

marvel's avengers image

Square Enix have said that they plan on supporting Marvel’s Avengers with “powerful” post-launch content in their bid to keep the revenue flowing thanks to the game’s live service model. And while the bulk of that post-launch content will come in the form of new playable characters, areas, and story content, there will be stuff on top of that as well.

One such thing will be Hero Challenge Cards – which is Avengers’ name for battle passes – and in a recent blog post detailing gear and cosmetics in the game, developers Crystal Dynamics explained just how these Cards will function. Each playable character will have a separate Hero Challenge Card of their own, and each of them will have 40 tiers of free and premium rewards.

Notably enough, while the Hero Challenge Cards for the six playable heroes available at launch will be free, Challenge Cards for all heroes added to the game following release – such as Hawkeye and Spider-Man – will have to be purchased individually (for the premium rewards, of course). Each Hero Challenge Card will cost 1,000 credits- and with 500 credits being the lowest that can be purchased at a price of $5, that comes up to $10.

Of course, the Challenge Cards will work as Battle Passes do. If you complete all challenges on a Challenge Card, you will get back the 1,000 credits, while Crystal Dynamics says that the value of all the rewards unlocked will be over 12,500. It’s also worth noting that all the rewards tied to Challenge Cards will be purely cosmetic.

Marvel’s Avengers will release for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Stadia on September 4, and will come with an 18 GB day one update. Before that, there will be another War Table livestream on September 1, where another new post-launch character will be revealed.