More hints suggest a new Crash Bandicoot game is nigh

Rumors have been swirling for the past month about the possibility of a new Crash Bandicoot game on the horizon, and new fuel has been added to the fire. Several social media influencers have received new Crash Bandicoot merchandise out of the blue, and it’s timed similarly to a similar marketing push last year.

Last December, certain influencers received Crash Bandicoot Christmas cookies ahead of the announcement of Crash Team Racing at the Game Awards. Another round of merch has apparently gone out, this time featuring Crash Funko Pop figures, tree ornaments, and action figured – all wearing jaunty Christmas hats. Resetera reckons it points to another Crash-themed announcement, possibly for a new game called Crash Bandicoot Worlds. Streamer and YouTuber Canadian Guy Eh shared a collage of images nipped from the feeds of the influencers. I am old, and I am thus physically incapable of distinguishing these people from one another, but Canadian Guy Eh says they are “large scale.”

All information is, as we’ve noted before, extremely sketchy and unreliable at this point. But all the rumours and hints point in one direction: A new Crash Bandicoot game. The type of game, when it’ll launch, or even whether it exists at all hasn’t been confirmed officially.