Mortal Shell Guide – How to Farm Weltcaps and Glimpses Fast

Healing and upgrade items are essential – here’s how to quickly get them.

mortal shell

Healing in Mortal Shell is all about hoarding those Weltcaps. They provide 40 HP regeneration over 60 seconds and can be found throughout the world. Whether you’re dying a lot or prepping for a rough battle, Weltcap farming will become important at some point. Every time a Weltcap is collected from a location, five minutes must pass before it reappears.

A good farming route to use starts from the exterior of Fallgrim Tower. Exit through the backdoor next to Sester Genessa and head to the right for a Weltcap. Traverse pass the enemies to the swamp and you’ll find a few more Weltcaps ahead. Look for the Inscription Rock back at the swamp and look for a path with a lantern. Keep going on this path past another lantern and you’ll find an enemy with a lute. Collect two more Weltcaps near him.

Look for an area on the left to crawl through which leads to trees with bats. Check for a big tree and you’ll find another Weltcap there. Go through the path behind this until reaching an area with some enemies. As you progress to the Fallgrim Outskirts, there will be another Weltcap on the farm. Once this is collected, head back to Fallgrim Tower and repeat the farming process.

How to Farm Glimpses

Glimpses serve a different purpose – they’re essentially the currency needed to unlock abilities for the different Shells. There’s an ideal farming route from Fallgrim Tower but you’ll need Tiel (ideally with his ability that doesn’t consume stamina while running), the Bronze Bell for increased Glimpse chances from slain foes and at least one Glimpse.

At Fallgrim Tower, speak to Thestus to reset the fog for the cost of one Glimpse. Some enemies, including Grishas, will spawn as a result. Go from the second floor to the bottom and go to the river with the frogs. Upon reaching the river, take the path that heads right until you reach a camp with a Grisha. Kill the Grisha for six Glimpses and 750 Tar. Now go back to the swamp and take the path with the trees full of bats.

Defeat the enemies and you’ll find another Grisha which will provide another six Glimpses and 750 Tar upon defeat. Return to Thestus at the tower and use a Glimpse to reset the fog again, and continue the process for more Glimpses and Tar.