Nioh 2 Accolades Trailer Shows Off Game’s Critical Praise

High praise for the action RPG.

Nioh 2 Enki

Even with multiple major delays, March has still been something of a packed month. There’s been a lot of variety, with Nioh 2 bringing a certain flavor for those looking for a good action RPG. The game has seemingly done well for itself, going by sales charts, and has generally been considered to have refined the issues with the first game to create and much more solid experience. And now they’re bragging a bit with a new trailer.

The accolades trailer shows off quick flashes of the game along with some of its highest praise. By and large, it was well received. We didn’t quite make the cut here as they decided to keep things tight, but you can check out our review through here. Check out the trailer below.

Nioh 2 is available now and as of right now is exclusive to the PlayStation 4. The original title also come out to the PC, but there’s been no official announcement about the sequel yet.

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