Nioh 2 Guide – How to Beat Enki and Ippon-Datara

These regular enemies can be annoying – here’s how to effectively kill them.

Nioh 2 Enki

There are some pretty tough bosses in Nioh 2 but that doesn’t mean you should neglect the regular enemies. Some of them – like the Enki and Ippon-Datara – can wreck you given half the chance. They’re easy enough to defeat if you go in prepared though.

How to Beat Enki

The Enki is an ape-like Yokai wielding a spear. It has a three-hit combo that ends with thrusting its spear but it can also use that thrust by itself. Try to stay out of range or block its combo. Even if you block the thrust alone, you should be golden since each attack doesn’t deal much Ki damage. The important thing to watch out for is when Enki leaps into the air and throws its spear. This can be done from some distance away so be careful. Look for opportunities to Burst Counter and lay into the ape.

How to Beat Ippon-Datara

This hopping, sword-wielding maniac can be a real pain at first. It will hop on its sword a few times and follow up with a slam, dealing some hefty damage. It will also use overhead slices and two-handed sweeps which have decent range. Stay out of its range and wait for it to use a Burst Attack – it occurs after its sword-hopping combo usually. Explosives and other projectiles can be used to hit it from a distance or you can poke it with a spear or kusarigama between intervals.