Nioh 2 Update 1.04 Brings Bug Fixes And Balance Adjustments

The Gaki gets nerfed.


The much anticipated action RPG sequel, Nioh 2, is finally here. Once again players are thrust into the mix of Japanese myth and history as they must fight through a brutal game with complex systems. It’s a well-made successor, which you can read about in our review of the game. Of course, just like the first game, Koei and Team Ninja are all about refining the experience even after release.

A new update, 1.04, will bring about several minor (but I’m guessing welcome) changes for the game. It will have a few bug fixes, but balance adjustments are also here. One that I’ve sure people will be really happy about is the nerfing of the Gaki’s strength and attacks, since those bastards were generally hated and stopped many a speed run to a boss. You can see a full list of updates through here or below.

Nioh 2 is available now for PlayStation 4. Update 1.04 is live in Japan as of writing this, but nowhere else. It should roll out to other regions by the end of the day.

  • Added the ability to easily increase the skill level of other weapons if the skill level of one weapon type is high
  • Weapon proficiency requirements have been relaxed for some missions missions
  • Reduces the strength of “Gaki” and reduces the power of specific attacks
  • Reduced the power of attacks with excessively high damage for the following enemies: “Youki” and “Saruoni”
  • “Skebito” ‘s physical strength has been adjusted upward
  • Adjusted the recommended level notation so that the recommended levels for some missions are appropriate
  • When “Ushioni” rushes into a weir (cough), the horn is pierced so that the weir is not destroyed by jump attack etc.
  • Reduced the physical strength and defense of “Shimama Ryoan” in the main mission “Bleaking Water”
  • The homing of the hatchet skill “Ground Kill” has been adjusted upward.
  • Alleviates the vacant wisdom required to release the half-you skill “ Fighter Tiger Strike ”
  • The protection of the guardian spirit, “Hyibitori”, has been changed so that the “recovery of the drug” has a spillover effect,
    and the spillover range has been limited from unlimited distance to 7m.
  • Increased the distance that Mujina responds to gestures